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The provision of Rego foods, we hope to beautify human’s high-quality of existence and make a contribution to a wholesome future. For every body and circle of spouse and children accessible, our approach provides best price and high-quality with the intention to have wholesome lives.

To start the system of making a superior Regofoods flour, we made the audacious and forward-thinking desire to use Vegetable Atta, 100% Whole Wheat Chakki Fresh, consisting of Spinach flour and Beetroot flour. For Gluten Free, we have Jowar millet based flour as Jowar in its natural nature is Gluten free. We also provide Trial packs also natural as our predominant thing. A top-quality flour that provides protein that nonetheless has a tonne of flavour.

Every product that leaves the greater Flour kitchen retains the fundamental harmony amongst flavour and health. Our particular Rego flour combos are plant-based, rich in protein, High fiber and gluten-free. The mixtures moreover consist of factors with special pure quality natural flours in an effort to entice you to return the greater Rego Flour for a higher day after day.

Our Mission
‘’The Future Will Be Better Today’’
Flour (Atta) is an everyday staple food, and you can find it in every Indian household. Choosing a healthy staple food is choosing good health. So your everyday food plays an important role. It needs to be high-quality and made from a combination of nutritious ingredients. So get your hands on organic and natural food options today. Here you will find the best quality flour (atta) online and that too at affordable prices.

Why Choose Us
Life-transforming, handpicked plant-based flours (atta) to make your culinary journey more varied, healthier yet tasty! Creating a unique approach to develop healthy eating habits, we bring forward enormous nutritional benefits from selected vegetables, millets, and whole wheat grains from sehore that are GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Pest Free, contain no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

Chakki atta is the fresh and purest wheat flour straight from the Chakki after grinding. It is purely 100% whole wheat without any additives or adulterants. Regofoods.in Chakki Atta is the perfect blend of pure vegetables, taste and nutrition. It is rich in dietary fibers and iron that aids in a healthy digestive system. It gives soft, tasty and healthy rotis for a long period and chapattis that keeps energized all day long.

Being food forward, we are always on the lookout to source and avail natural ingredients in the healthiest manner possible. To materialize our vision, we make sure to provide 100% chakki fresh vegetable atta with proper food grade packaging.


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